Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Water Wednesday

I have a new strategy I've adopted to stay on track with my weight loss program.  (Down 8 pounds already, thank you very much.)  It comes from a tip that came across my Facebook feed from 24 Hour Fitness.  Drink nothing but water for the day.   You still eat, but water is the only liquid you can have.  It eliminates sugar, caffeine and lots of calories from your daily intake. 

Don't believe me?

OK...a typical day for me would be a cup of tea with two sugar cubes and a splash of milk.  I might have some juice at the office first thing.  If I'm being bad, probably a soda for lunch and then switch to iced tea for the rest of the afternoon.  A vodka tonic when I get home and then a couple of glasses of wine for dinner.

By substituting water for all those beverages, I've saved myself almost 800 (!) calories.  Wow. (Not to mention the caffeine.)

So I'm making every Wednesday "Water Wednesday." After a month or so, if I can kick it up a notch, I'll have a couple days a week that I drink only water.  It seems to be quite a good strategy.

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