Monday, February 06, 2012

Tips from Food Network Chefs....

A while back, I shared some kitchen tips that I had found in an issue of Food Network Magazine. 

Here are a few more...
  • Keep flavored vinegars (or just good-quality "plain" ones) near the stove so you don't always just reach for the salt.  Acid enhances flavor.
  • There's a reason all the TV chefs have their mise en place ready. Cut your vegetables and meat and make your sauces first. You won't leave out an ingredient and it's much more efficient as you are preparing the recipe.
  • We all have heard the adage, but Rick Bayless swears by it.  Clean as you go.
  • This one's a rule in my kitchen.  Pull your steaks out of the fridge an hour or so ahead of time so they can come to room temperature.  They cook more evenly.
  • And I love this one from Claire Robinson...enjoy your time in the kitchen.  Shoes off, music on, favorite beverage in hand...

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