Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tim Byres' Favorite Cheap Eats

I always make a New Years resolution to try new spots here in town.  But given the state of my economy (just call me Greece), I can't quite afford places on the various Best New Restaurant lists.  Too many stars, too many dollars.

So I was excited to run across a feature in the November Southern Living that listed Tim Byres' favorite places for cheap eats.  Byres is the chef at Smoke, the great restaurant out in Oak Cliff (great view of the Dallas skyline, by the way) that features house-smoked meats, housemade pickles and Southern treats like pimiento cheese croquettes.  I love the place, so I trust Byres.

Here's his take on cheap eats that can't be missed:
  • Edelweiss German Restaurant in Fort Worth:  Looks like I'm headed here for sausage, sauerkraut and an accordion-accompanied polka soon.  
  • Wingfield's Breakfast and Burger I checked out the reviews on this one.  Sounds like the double cheeseburger could feed a small family.  Byres calls it a "hamburger-grease-down-your-arm, iced-tea-on-a-bench kind of meal."
  • Kalachandji's: I've been there, but this reminds me to go back.  The buffet option means you can check out the vegetarian options to your heart's content.
  • Mai's Vietnamese Restaurant: I've been here also, and I concur with Byres' thumbs up.  It's as authentic as you can get this side of Saigon.  The only question is which to try first...the pho or the clay pot.
  • El Ranchito: We would have taken Byres' Texas card away if he hadn't included a Tex-Mex place...and I look forward to trying this one.  He suggests the Cabrito.  Sounds good to me.
What cheap eats places can you add to my list?  Post in the comments below...

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