Monday, December 05, 2011

Stocking Stuffers for Foodies

Hopefully you're making your lists and checking them twice...not just your groceries and liquor orders for your parties, but also a gift or two.  With my family, the stockings are just as important as the wrapoped gifts, so while I'll have a list of cookbooks, gadgets and other things that you'll want to get for the foodies in your life, today it's all about the little stuff.  Things that I can't do without in my kitchen that will make perfect stocking stuffers.

  • Garlic pepper: This is my secret ingredient.  When a recipe says season to taste with freshly ground pepper, none times out of ten it's the garlic pepper I reach for.  It's available at most grocery stores, but I've also found it in bulk online from several sources.
  • Microplane grater: Nutmeg, Parmesan, ginger, garlic.  These are all things that I grate on this fabulous device.  Get the extra long's easier to handle.
  • Ranch dressing a canister: Ranch dressing is ubiquitous here in the South.  Yes, it goes on our salads, but we also dip raw veggies in it, drizzle it on fried foods, and bathe in it.  (Wait...I think my other half was joking when he offered that suggestion.)  But the little packets are a pain; they're expensive and make more than you need on most occasions. I have tried alternative recipes, but, frankly, nothing compares to the chemical-laden, original.  So I was thrilled to find it in jars at Walmart.  I keep it on hand and can make as much, or as little, dressing as I need.
  • Dawn Power Dissolve: This one is also probably not the most environmental stuff on the planet, but it's a lifesaver when it comes to crusted-on foods on your casserole dishes and baking sheets.  It's a nother one I can usually only find at Walmart.
  • Wooden spoons: This one seems obvious, but a jar full of wooden spoons of various sizes right next to your stove makes it easy to reach for whatever you need.
I'd love to add to this list.  What are YOU asking Santa for? Make your suggestions in the comment section below...

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