Monday, October 03, 2011

It's Apple Month!

October is Apple Month every year. So it's time to hit the grocery, farmers markets or...even better...orchards for a sweet crisp treat. And if you get tired of pies or eating them out of hand, courtesy Real Simple magazine, here are a few ideas for you.

  • Make apple chips by very thinly (think mandoline) slicing three apples. Bake the slices on a parchment-lined cookie sheet in a 200° oven for an hour. Sprinkle with salt.

Make a savory apple napoleon of sorts. Slice an apple horizontally and layer the slices with goat cheese, bacon, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Butter a whole-wheat pita and top with apple slices and cinnamon. Toast for 10 minutes at 350. Drizzle with honey before digging in.

Toss a couple of diced apples into your spinach salad, spiked with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, blue cheese and walnuts.

More to come soon...

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