Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Halloween Hunting Guide....

OK...so Halloween is upon us.  That holiday where we (ok...our kids or neighbors' kids as surrogates) go out with roomy containers to collect sugar-laced, fat-filled nuggets of goodness.

But, wait, everyone is on a health kick these days, so what to do....

Cooking Light comes to the rescue with a New York magazine-style quadrant map "Halloween Treat Picker."  The bad corner maxes out on saturated fat and sugar while the opposite (what we should aspire to) section offers "healthier" options. 

The results?

Of course, my favorites are in the bad corner.  Reese's.  Twix.  M&M's.

Only a little better...3 Musketeers.  And Hershey's Miniatures.

But here are the ones you need to have your tykes set on "search"...  Laffy Taffy.  Smarties.  Tootsie Roll. Starburst.

I agree...ignore this post.

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