Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday Tips: The Steakhouse Edition

Sunday nights are often steak nights at our house. A perfectly seasoned ribeye on the grill, crisp wedge salad, and a good Cabernet. Here are some tricks that you should adopt for your own special meal.
  • Rub the outside of your potatoes with oil before baking. You'll end up with crisp, brown skin that you'll want to eat along with the rest of the spud. And skip the aluminum foil...it just steams the potato.
  • Don't just use a brush to baste the steak. Tie several sprigs of rosemary around a chopstick with cotton twine. You'll get great herb flavor along with any marinade you're brushing on.
  • Need a couple slices bacon for that wedge salad? Use your George Foreman grill. It will cook the bacon perfectly, won't splatter, and the grease will drip into the drainage cup for easy clean-up.

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Rockabilly Hippie said...

tried your tip for the potatoes today on the grill and everyone raved about them! Thanks!