Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Top Chef Tuna Toppings

A couple of nights ago, the other half and I completely indulged our inner Leos and got all competitive in the kitchen. The "secret ingredient": basic seared tuna. We both decided we wanted a little something different to top it off. He went semi-Greek. Into the blender went peeled cucumber, red onion and a big dollop of mayo. Whipped it up and seasoned to taste with garlic pepper and a pinch of salt. The twist was that he then strained it through paper towels a bit so it wasn't at all runny. It was pretty good.

I went Asian...the way I usually go with tuna. I grabbed the alligator chopper and got some finely diced red bell pepper, cucumber and purple onion ready for the bowl. A splash each of rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. Grating of ginger. Pinch of red pepper flakes and sugar. Salt and pepper of course. And then to gild the lily some toasted sesame seeds. (Now I'm kicking myself for not putting a little radish in also.) It was quite tasty. Wondering what else I can spoon it on the rest of the week.

How about you? What was the result of the last cooking competition in YOUR house?

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