Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tips of the Trade...

Here are a few (unrelated I'll admit) kitchen tips I've run across lately...

  • If you're like me and the other half, you love BLT's.  (For us, more often than not, it's just BT's.)  But this is NOT the time to buy a tomato at the grocery store.  With our Texas farmers done for this year, I refuse to buy the inspid poseurs that present themselves from the hothouse.  But here's a hint that allows you to approach the same flavor.  Mix some chopped cherry tomatoes in some mayonnaise; spread that on some bread and add the lettuce and bacon.  Not the same, but maybe enough to keep you happy until next summer.
  • I'm betting egg casseroles are in your holiday brunch plans.  But who has room for those big casseroles to sit in the fridge overnight at this time of year?  They're already brimming over with food, party fixings and leftovers.  Instead, pour the ingredients into a pitcher.  Takes up less room and you can easily pour into your baking dish the next morning.
  • Are shrimp a go-to cocktail buffet option for you?  Me too.  But how do you keep them cold?  not ice, you end up with the little suckers swimming in the Arctic.  How about frozen lemon slices?  Cold and flavorful all at once.
Always on the look out for new tips.  Have any to share?  Post them in the comment below.

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