Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Green Bean Casserole Tips

Many of us will have the ubiquitous green bean casserole on our Dukey Day tables later this week.  Years ago, I deconstructed and reconstructed a gussied-up version that is worth the effort. But there's nothing wrong with the version concocted mostly from canned ingredients.   Especially if you "tamper" with it and use one or more of these tips and add-ins.

  • Instead of soup, try prepared (refrigerated preferably) Alfredo sauce.
  • How about a few more non-souped up mushrooms?  Add canned or sauteed fresh mushrooms.  And go as exotic as you'd like.
  • Sliced water chestnuts are another nice addition.
  • Everything's better with Ranch.  Stir in a tablespoon of Ranch dressing mix before baking.
  • I don't like my fried onions getting soggy, so I don't mix any into the casserole itself, instead reserving  them for the topping.  However, slivered almonds keep their crunch...stir them in.
  • Speaking of topping, why not add a little Parmesan cheese on top? Or pecans?  Or panko?  You get the idea.
  • And since oven space is always at a premium, you can always prepare the casserole in a slow cooker.  You'll want to cook on high for 2-3 hours. 

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