Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NOT the Cocktail of the Week

OK...I was all ready to post this lovely cocktail for you to concoct tomorrow night for St. Patrick's Day. Purty, ain't it?

You're not getting a recipe though. Because it's nasty. A combination of green creme de menthe, rum and lemon juice. (If you can put that together in proportions that taste good, please post below.)

So here's my recipe for you this year. Stick with the tried and true. A nice snifter of Irish whiskey. Or, if you must, green beer.

Just not this Kryptonite.

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I <3 Cocktail Nibbles said...

Creme de Menthe and rum?? Eww! :) But I bet Midori and rum (or certainly vodka) would taste good and still provide the cheery green color.
Great blog! I've enjoyed reading so far.