Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tips: Whipping Up Some Cream

Whipped cream gets a lot more use around my kitchen around the holidays—on the top of pumpkin pie, dolloped onto hot chocolate or stirred into homemade egg nog. Here are a couple of tips to make things a bit easier and a lot more successful.

  • It's always best to have chilled your beaters and bowl before you start, but here's a quick fix. Fill large bowl with ice water. Pour the whipping cream into a smaller bowl and set into the ice water. Anchor both bowls with your hand and beat with a hand mixer.

  • Need whipped cream and don't have a mixer? Place the cream in a chilled glass jar with t atught-fitting lid. Shake away for five minutes or so and voila. (It's great exercise too.) Hmm....wonder if it would work in a cocktail shaker?

  • Keep your whipped cream from getting weepy and runny. After whipping, put it in a strainer over a bowl and let the excess liquid drip out.

  • If you're really in a bind and don't have whipping cream on hand, how about vanilla ice cream a s a stand-in? Put some in a bolw and let it thaw for a minute or two. Then whip with stand mixer or hand blender. Voila!

Now whip it...whip it good.

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