Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tips: Safety First!

Lots can go wrong in the kitchen. And I have the burn and cut scars to prove it. Try these tips to keep yourself out of danger.

  • When you take that sauté pan out of the oven (after finishing your fish, for example), put the oven mitt over the handle, so you don't forget and grab it by mistake.
  • You drink wine; you have plenty of corks afterwards. Stick them on the ends of fondue forks, shishkabob skewers, food processor blades, even paring knives before you put them away in the drawer. You're far less likely to impale yourself while searching for the measuring spoons.
  • How many times have you grated cheese of something else on a box greater only to grate your knuckles or fingertips? Save yourself and stick pastry tips onto the end of your fingers. No more blood in the nachos.

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