Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drink Local (Sort Of)...Adi Rose Abigail

I rip things out of magazines all the time. Products to research, recipes to try, wines to look for. One scrap that I ran across a week or so ago was a review of the 2007 Adi Rose Abigail. It was one of just a few domestic rosés to make the 2009 Food & Wine Wine Guide. And was named the No. 1 oyster wine the Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York. Just enough kudos to convince me to pay the $20 it took at Central opposed to my normal purchases of MacPherson's Rosé of Syrah or Crios de Susana Balbo's yummy Malbec rosé.

Added encouragement came from the fact that, despite coming from Adams Wine Co. in Napa Valley, the winemaker Beth Adams grew up here in Dallas. How did it rank?

It's quite wonderful. Nice fruit, but not at all sweet...the backbone of acidity and minerality ensures that. I think it would stand up to lighter meat dishes like grilled chicken or roast pork...maybe with a slightly spicy sauce. Also would be tasty with a bit of goat cheese. And I'll definitely have to try it with oysters. Or, heck, just sip it on a weekend afternoon.

It's worth the splurge. Might not take the place of my house rosés, but I'll definitely buy it again.

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