Sunday, August 07, 2011

You Need This...The Best Cherry Pitter Ever.

If you're like me, you've been buying bags of cherries. They're plentiful and cheap in grocery stores here in Texas right now. I've eaten them out of hand, made the best cherry pie ever, jars and jars of delicious cherry-Amaretto jam, and macerated them in jars with sugar and booze as dessert topping and cocktail garnish. (Don't are on their way.)

But the first night, armed with recipes, I discovered that a paring knife is not the best implement for pitting cherries. Happenstance, I had just seen a comparison of pitters on TV, so, armed with that, I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond. Brought the Progressive Cherry-It Pitter home and the angels sang.

It loads four cherries at a time and pops those pits out with a guillotine-type movement. It made short order of the cherries I needed to prep.

Go get one tomorrow...and then get ready to make some of the recipes you'll see me post over the next several weeks.

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